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10 Of The Most Good Looking Male Athletes In The World Right Now

10. Feliciano Lopez (Tennis)

Feliciano Lopez is a professional tennis player born in Teledo and now lives in Spanish capital Madrid. This 6'2" tall player is an incredibly handsome men. One of the most good looking player to ever grace the game. Featuring in no.10th position of our list has the looks to kill for.

9.Ricardo Kaka (Football)

One of the greatest player of the game and a Ballon d'OR winner of 2007. Member of both 2002 world cup  winning squad and what else ?? one of the most good looking guy on a football pitch you will ever see. Born in Gama, Brazil; this 6'1" guy was a heart throb of many in his time.

8.Roger Federer (Tennis)

Probably the greatest tennis player of all time Roger is  an incredibly good looking guy with a classy touch of style . Born in Basel, Switzerland and father of four kids haven't lost his appeal in girls even after 8 years of marriage. Standing tall at 6'1" in height is the man who features at 8th in our rankings.

7.Sahid Afridi (Cricket)

A 37 years old x-cricketer from Pakistan features at no.7 in our list . Retired in 2015 from all forms of cricket; Mr. Afridi still is one of the most good looking cricketers ever . Born in Khyber, Pakistan Afridi is a perfect 6 feet in height. We wish all the best for the most devastating cricketer of his generation a healthy and prosperous life ahead.

6.  Rafael Nadal (Tennis)

Born in 3rd June of 1986 in Spain. He is one of the richest tennis player in the world.He is very handsome person with a style to kill for and has that charm in his face. He is one of the greatest Tennis player in the world right now and termed as "King Of Clay" for his dominance in Clay Court.

5.Virat Kohli (Cricket)

The second cricketer to feature in our list is the captain of Indian Cricket Team Virat Kohli. A very stylish guy with great sense of dressing and a cute smile to go with. Kohli has transformed a lot over the period with his well build physic and style statement.

4.C. Ronaldo (Football)

The second best footballer of this generation ( Yes i am a Leo Messi fan☺). The 4 time Ballon d'OR  and UEFA Golden shoe winner know as CR7 is one of the most handsome men in the world. His well built physic and classy dressing sense are trademark of his amazing personality.

3.Olivier Giroud (Football)

Voted as the sexiest player in Premier League in 2015, the man from France occupies  3rd position in our list. He is 6'3" in height and weights around 88 kg. He is known for his well built physic and cool haircuts with incredible looks. He was born in Chembery, France and currently plays his trade in Arsenal FC in London, England.

2. J. J Redick (Basketball)

The only Basketball player to feature in our list is J.J Redick. Born on 24th June 1986 in USA Redick plays in professional Basketball league NBA in USA. He is a very handsome man with great height and a killer physic. He is 6'3" tall basketball player with record of collecting most points in ACC tournaments and has many records while playing for Duke University.

1.Devid Beckham (Football)

With no doubts what so ever Devid Beckham features No.1 in our list. A stylish personality on and off the field is still the most Handsome athlete in the world according to us and many. Born in London, this champion footballer has won our hearts over the years with his classy appearances .He has been in the cover of many magazines over the time  and no less or more then a model himself. All we can say is WE LOVE YOU DEVID and we always will.      


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