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Facts About Marijuana To Make You Go "OMG"

1. Online High 

Today we can buy or sell probably anything on the internet, but did you know 1st thing ever to be sold or bought online??? It was a beg of Marijuana back in 1971.

2. You Never Ever Overdose Marijuana

The history doesn't even have one instant of Marijuana overdose. It may kill you if you smoke over 800 joints at a go but not because of overdosing but because of Carbon Dioxide that you inhale with it.

3.Talk About Numbers

Over a 100 million Americans have at least tried Marijuana once in their lifetime and about 25 millions of them smoke it on regular basis, studies shows. In america one person in around 42 seconds gets arrested for use of Marijuana

4.Its Hollywood or Hollyweed???

In 1st January 1976 a prank star make Hollywood to read as Hollyweed. He actually hung curtains to make it read as Hollyweed.

5.Hemp For Clothes???

You might be surprised to know that the cloths we wear are sometimes made of Marijuana leaves. Marijuana leaves are softer then cotton and can last twice as long.

6. Tougher Then Any Other Plant.

Marijuana can grow in any environment. This plant can grow about 2 inches a day and in ideal environment it can stand tall up to 18 feet in height.

7.Food For Pigs??

In Bhutan pigs are fed with Marijuana deliberately as it is know to increase appetite. To make pigs hungrier and fatter weed is used.

8. Cigarette Vs Marijuana

It has been proven that unlike Cigarette , even high consumption of Marijuana won't increase the chances of lung cancer. Cigarette is 90% higher addictive but Marijuana is less addictive even then Coffe.

9.Whats In The Name??

Every neighborhood has a different name for Marijuana. There are around 200 words to describe it like pot,tree,herb,weed,hash,ganja; Whats your favorite then???

10. How It Works ?? 

Do you know how Marijuana makes you feel high?? Marijuana triggers the production of Dopamine and Supports Neurogenesis meaning it produces chemicals that makes you feel good AF.


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