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Justice For Shubham : An Aspiring Cricketer who got killed By His Own Friends

Its about an aspiring young cricketing star whose dream was to represent his country one day in his national colours but the faith had other ideas for him. For a 21 old fast bowler Shubham Gautaman cricket was his all in all . He was known for his variations and consistency on a cricket pitch but then 2 of his mates brutally killed him.
Coming from Tamilnadu  Shubham perused his academics from Hubli on the outskirts of Karnataka. Shubham was a very passionate guy on the field and about his game. His interest towards cricket prodded him to take part in a local tournament in Bangalore. So he went along with two of his friends,one of those was a son of an MLA.They travelled together to Bangalore in a bus. Shubham was quite a star with his performances on the field and that lead to jealousy among his friends and eventually his death.

According to reports by Indian Express Subham was killed while having his food. His friends admitted him to Davanagiri Hospital with complete assistance of the MLA whose son was Shubham's friend.They made sure that autopsy is completed  before Shubham's parents arrive. After that politician pulled a string in order to temper the postmortem report to save his soon to be in trouble son. After that his mates left his dead body in hospital and went back to play that tournament.

Result of jealousy took life of an innocent young cricketer and surprisingly no media covered this tragic and awful incident.


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