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Top 10 Amazing Places To Visit In North-East India

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North-East, a Land of Undulating hills and plains is probably the most under rated and untouched region of India. One of the most beautiful parts of the country is somehow still under utilized and ignored by authorities most of the times . To explain beauty of the places of the region we get short of words, so here is a small effort of us to highlight few places from North-East India that people should must visit once in their life time. We might have missed out a lot of places but still its a list of only 10.  


The gateway of north-east India and the Capital of Assam, Guwahati is located by the bank of mighty Brahmaputra river and is surrounded by several hills. Guwahati the land of maa Kamakhya and the worrier Lachit Bor Phukan. There are many Hindu temples in Guwahati ,making it the city of temples.Guwahati region holds the diverse wild life including rare animals like pythons,Asian elephants,Asian rhinoceros and many spices of birds.


The oldest town of Arunachal Pradesh ,Pasighat is the head quarter of East Siang. With the majority of population being the Adi Tribe in the region Pasighat has celebrated 100 years of existence in the month of January in 2011. Connected via NH-52 , Pasighat has a decent connectivity with Guwahati, Itanagar and Lakhimpur. The place holds a lot of historic values of wars and peace. Most famous places to visit in the region are The Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary,Pangin Velly,Gomsi Cultivation Area and lot more. Blessed with the beauty of the nature Pasighat is one of the must places to visit in North-East India.


Known as the rock Capital of India and also the Scotland of India, Shillong is the ancient capital of Assam and now the capital of Meghalaya. In 2016 Shilong was voted as "India's Favorite Hill Station" by Shilong holds one of the best climates in North-east with summers being cool and very rainy and winters being cool and dry. The most visited places of Shillong are Elephant Falls,Shillong peak,Wards late,Don Bosco Center for indigenous Cultures etc. Shillong is also very famous for its rock music culture with bands like Soulmate ,Midnight Garden Factor etc coming from the region.

7. Ziro Valley

Ziro valley or simply Ziro is a town situated in Lower Subansiri District of Arunachal Pradesh. Its around 120 KM from the State capital Itanagar and holds a decent connectivity via Assam Route. The climate is cool is through out the year and in winter it receives little amount of snow fall also.The home of Apatani Tribe , Ziro is rich in nature and culture and a must visit place in North-East.


The one and only hills station of Assam, Jatinga is famous for its Phenomenon of birds "Committing Suicide".The truth being birds are killed and they don't actually suicide but the myth has been believed by people from a long long time. Jatinga being located at Dima Hasao district of the state and its around 210 KM away from state capital of Assam. The place hosts birds species from all around the world and is famous for it wild life diversity. 


Awarded  as the "Cleanest village in Asia" by Discover India Magazine in 2003 Mawlynnong is a village in the East Khasi Hills of state Meghalaya. It is situated in the Indo-Bangladesh border of India and is 90 KM away from the capital Shillong. Mawlynnong holds a different tradition of forwarding the wealth and property to the youngest daughter who also holds the surname of her mother. Mainly known for its cleanliness , the waste is  collected  in the bamboo made dustbins and directed to a pit and then used as a manure. There are strict rules that every member of community must contribute to the cleanliness of the village.


The largest fresh water lake of North-East India Loktak Lake is situated in the state of Manipur. Famous for the phumdis floating over the water of the lake and one of which covers the area of 40 square KM's. Phumdis are actually heterogeneous mass of vegetable,soil and organic matter of various stages decomposition . The etymology of Loktak is Lok = "stream", Tak = "End". It is situated 39 KM away from Imphal, the state capital of manipur.


Mawsynram holds a place in the "Guinness Book Of World Records" for maximum amount of rainfall it receives in the world. Mawsynram is a village situated in the East Khasi Hills District in the state of Meghalaya. Mawsynram has received a maximum amount of rainfall of 26000 milliliters in the year 1985 which is the most in a single place in the world till now and average rain fall now being around 14000 milliliter a year. If that doesn't excites you to visit Mawsynram then there are other caves and waterfalls like Mawsmai Caves,Nohalikalai falls etc will definitely tempt you to at-least visit this place once in your life time.


My personal favorite in this list is Yumthang Valley or the Sikkim Valley Of Flower Sanctuary , Famously known as the Switzerland of India for its flowers . The valley is also known as "Valley Of Flowers" which is home to Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary, which has 24 species of Rhododendron. Situated in the state of Sikkim, its around 150 KM away from state capital Gangtok.
The Valley is at an elevation of 11693 ft. above sea level. Yumthang Valley is closed in the month of  December to March as it receives heavy snow fall while April and May being the best time to visit the place. Lachung being the nearest place to get an accommodation which is around 2 hours of drive from the Valley. One of the best places to visit and an adventure in itself, Yumthang valley is a heaven on earth. My words will not be enough to explain the beauty of this place until you explore it by yourself .


Known as the "Birth Place Of Dalai Lama", Tawang is simply the best place to visit in North-East India according to us. The beautiful town of Tawang , also pronounced as Dawang has many sceneries  to make your journey  a picturesque one. The area is  being defined for its significance of buddist monks, Tawang is the place to go for monasteries. Tawang Monastery was founded by the Mera Lama Lodre Gyatso in accordance of the wishes of 5th Dalai Lama Lobsang Gyatso, is the largest in India. Situated in the region of 10000 ft. to 15000 ft. of altitude, Tawang receives snowfall almost throughout the year. The most visited places being Tawang Monastery, Jaswant Garh, Bap Teng Kang falls etc. Tawang is famous for its beautiful landscapes, pleasant climate and friendly peoples. Because the area being close to China, its claimed by both Peoples Republic of China and Republic of China (Taiwan) after the occupation of Tibet in 1955. Connected to the rest of the country via Sela pass, Tawang is accessible via route of Guwahati and Tezpur.  


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