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Unknown Facts About Bhuvan Bam, The Creator Of BB ki Vines

If you are a youngster and you love to watch videos on YouTube , then it would be impossible that you haven't heard about Bhuvan Bam, the creator of BB ki Vines. He is one of the most searched YouTuber in India . He became the first YouTuber to cross 1 million subscribers in less than a year. His channel is one of the most viewed channel in Asia. He also won the Most Popular Channel Award for BB ki Vines in 2016 WebTv Asia Award, South Korea. As of July, 2017 ; his channel has over 3.5 million subscribes and over 482 million total views on YouTube.

So, here are some interesting facts about BB ki Vines fame Bhuvan Bam -

Unknown Facts About Bhuvan Bam, The Creator Of BB ki Vines :

1.He is 23 and a graduate


He was born on 21st January,1994 in New Delhi. He has completed his graduation from Saheed Bhagat Singh College, DU. During his academic days he always entertained his classmates with his jokes. All of his classmates loved his witty nature and he was fun to be around there.

2. Musical Journey


He is a true musician who had a dream of Bollywood from his young age. During his college days he used to perform live in the bars in New Delhi. He released his composition song Ban-Chod in 2015. The song is a sarcastic reply to the illogical bans imposed by Indian Government. After that he released Teri Meri Kahani in 2016. He also released some unplugged Bollywood cover songs. He uploaded his music videos in his another youtube channel "Bhuvan Bam Official".

3. Accidentally created something

His channel BB ki Vines was accidentally created while he was checking the font camera of his new Nexus phone. Later his videos went viral in Pakistan.

4. The First Video

His first video was the "Chakhna Issue" which he uploaded in 2014. It only got 10-15 views in that time. If you haven't seen that video yet. Here is for you -

5. The official BB ki Vines


The official channel was created on June 20 in 2015. As of now, he has uploaded 98 videos on this channel. Some of his most viewed videos are Papa Maakichu(16M views), Group Study(14M), Titu Mama(13M), Angry Masterji etc. The charecter which gathered a lot of appreciation is Sameer Fuddi (aka Fameer Fuddi).

Unknown Facts About Bhuvan Bam, The Creator Of BB ki Vines :

6. Dr. Sehgal is actually real


In an interview with YouTuber Raaj Jones, BB revealed that the character Dr. Sehgal in his videos is actually a real doctor. His clinic is situated right next to BB's home. According to BB, he had many funny experiences with him. However he is nowhere similar to the on-screen character. He also said that he felt guilty for using his name.

7. Collaboration with other YouTubers

He has collaborated with Pakistani YouTubers Karachi Vynz and Bekaar Vines. In Independence day 2016, he released a video with Karachi Vynz. It is about Indo-Pak relation and cricket arguments. The shooting of the video was done through WhatsApp and Skype. It was well appreciated by the audience and has received over 1 million views.

8. Fans and Followers

He is one of the famous YouTubers in Asia. He has a huge fan base specially in south Asian countries . He has over 181k followers on his official Twitter account @Bhuvan_Bam. He has over 2.4 million followers on Instagram as well as over 3.2 followers on Facebook.

9. Money Maker


His main source of earning are mainly from live musical shows and YouTube monetizing programmes. He is earning a lot from YouTube because of his large viewership and subscribers.

10. The reason behind massive success

He is one of the most talented YouTuber in Asia; with a huge fan following. The reason behind his massive success and popularity is lies in his original fresh content and unique writing skills. His sketches resemble many people's personal experiences and he weaves stories around day to day consequences.

11. Dream of Bollywood

In his Q/A video "Ask BB-episode 2" , he said about his future plans. He want to do movies in Bollywood. Well It would be amazing to see him in Bollywood. Good Luck BB. Finger Crossed.

12. Other Collaboration

He has also collaborated with popular Indian YouTube channel, the creator of great web series(s) "TVF". You can see his good acting senses in those videos. He is now working on TVF's Bachelors web series. He is also invited by AIB and Raftaar to collaborate.


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