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10 Of The Highest Viewed YouTube Videos Of All Time

YouTube, The most popular video sharing platform on the Internet by Google. YouTube has millions and billions of videos on its platform.There are so many great videos out there which are very interesting and entertaining. There are various types of videos out there, including music videos, comedy, entertainment, action,TV show clips, documentary films, movie trailers, technology, educational videos and many more. You just have to do a search there to watch your favorite one.

     Today I am going to tell you about the top 10 highest viewed videos on YouTube. Nine out of these ten are famous music videos while the remaining one is a non-music video. So let's find out -

10 Of The Highest Watched YouTube Videos Of All Time:

 1. See You Again - Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth


See You Again is a song recorded by American rapper Wiz Khalifa featuring singer Charlie Puth. It is the lead single from the soundtrack of 2015 action film Furious 7. The video song is a tribute to the late actor Paul Walker who died in a vehicle accident in 2013. The song topped the US Billboard Hot 100 for 12 non-consecutive weeks. Not only the highest viewed video but also it is the highest liked video on YouTube. The video has received over 2.9 billion views and 15+ million likes on the site.

2. Gangnam Style - Psy


Gangnam Style is a pop song recorded by Korean artist Psy in 2012. The video is directed by Cho Soo-hyun. Soon after its release the video becomes very popular among millions of people. In the video Psy pokes fun at the style of Seoul's Gangnam-gu, a flashy district with high expectations rents and high class lifestyle. Pop singer Katy Perry also shared the video with her 25 million twitter fans. Also the space agency NASA called the video as dance-filled music video that entered into the hearts and minds of millions of people. Billboard named the video in their list of 20 best music videos of 2010. Currently the video is the  2nd highest viewed video on YouTube with over 2.89+ billion views. It is also the second highest liked video on the site.

3. Sorry - Justin Bieber

Canadian singer Justin Bieber recorded the song "Sorry" for his fourth studio album "Purpose" in 2015. It is a dancehall-pop and tropical house genre song. Lyrically the song is about apologise and asking forgiveness and second chance from a lover. The official music video is actually a dance video. The dancers featuring in the video are from New Zealand. The video is pretty cool, colourful an  fun. As of now, the video is the third highest viewed video on youtube with over 2.6 billion views.

4. Uptown Funk- Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars


In 2015 British producer Mark Ronson and American singer Bruno Mars recorded the song Uptown Funk for Ronson's fourth studio album Uptown Special. The song became a worldwide phenomenon with its major impact on the pop culture. The song won two Grammy Awards and remained as the biggest hit on Billboard. The video shows the city streets where Ronson, Mars and his band were dancing. As of now , the video has received over 2.5 billion views to becoming the fourth highest viewed video on YouTube.

5. Despacito - Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee


Despacito(English:slowly) is an American Spanish song by Puerto Rican artists Luis Fonsi featuring rapper Daddy Yankee. On its first 24 hours of release the video received 5.14 million views on youtube. Basically it is a ballad video which captures the Latin American culture, movement and dancing rhythm. The video becomes the second fastest video to receive 1 billion views in 97 days only. It becomes the fastest video to receive 2 billion views in just 154 days. It breaks Justin Bieber' Sorry's record of 394 days. Currently it is the fifth highest viewed video on YouTube with over 2.4 billion views.

10 Of The Highest Watched YouTube Videos Of All Time:

6. Masha And The Bear : Recipe for disaster


The only non music video to be listed on youtube top 10. Masha And The Bear is a Russian animated television series created by Oleg Kunzovkov. It is based on animated television series created by Oleg Kunzovkov. It is based on an oral children's folk story. It is about a little girl named Masha and a fatherly bear who always keeps her from disaster. The voice of Masha is dubbed by Elsie Fisher. Don't know who she is ? Let me help you ! Remember the voice of Agnes, the youngest of the three girls in the Despicable Me films ; yes that little girl was chosen to dub the voice. The episode "Recipe for disaster" has received over 2.3 billion views to making it the sixth highest viewed video on YouTube.

7. Shake It Off - Taylor Swift


In 2014 Taylor Swift recorded the song Shake It Off for her fifth studio album "1989". It is a dance-pop genre song. The song becomes her biggest Billboard Hot 100 hit. The song won a people's choice award. In this video you can see Swift submerging herself in the styles of hip hop, lyrical jazz and ballet with some of the world's best dancers. The video also features Lady Gaga,  Skrillex and some of Swift's fans. In one sentence, the video is fun and hard to dislike. Currently the video is the seventh highest viewed video on youtube with over 2.2 billion views.

8. Bailando - Enrique Iglesias


Bailando(English:dancing) is a song recorded by Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias. It was recorded for his tenth studio album "Sex and Love" in 2014. The video was filmed in Dominican Republic. The featured dancer of this video are from Havana's Ballet Lizt Alfonso. The video becomes Enrique's highest viewed video on YouTube. It is also the first Spanish music video to received over one billion views. As of now, it is the eighth highest viewed video on YouTube with over 2.2 billion views.

9. Sugar - Maroon 5


In 2014, American pop-rock band Maroon 5 recorded the song "Sugar" for their fifth studio album "V". The song features the disco, funk-pop and soul genre. The song was a hit that peaked no. two on the US Billboard Hot 100. The music video is directed by filmmaker David Dobkin. It is inspired by the 2005 romantic comedy film Wedding Crashers. The video is all about M5's connection with their fans and Lavine's hometown Los Angeles. In the video you can see the band as professional wedding crashers who goes to real weddings across the city and shows them up as the surprise wedding band. Pretty amazing, isn't it? As of now, the video is the ninth highest viewed video on YouTube with over 2.1 billion views.

10. Roar - Katy Perry


Last but not least. Roar is a video song recorded by American pop singer Katy Perry for her fourth studio album "Prism" in 2013. The song features pop rock genre with the influence of self empowerment. The music video is all about the power of positive thinking. The video shows Katy defeating an enemy wild tiger with her roar. It has also captured the strange and wild jungle as a friendly one. You will be amazed to see her "queen of the jungle" avatar in this video. There is a suspense moment too in this video. Currently the video has received over 2.1 billion views to becoming the tenth highest viewed video on YouTube.

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