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7 Of The Least Visited Countries In The World

Every year around 1.5 billion people travel around the world and most of them go to exotics places like Spain, Greece, Turkey or Switzerland. But there are few countries in the world which hardly receives any tourists, for them arrival of tourists is a genuinely newsworthy event. Some countries receives even less then 100 tourists a month which is genuinely low as counties like France gets more then a million visitors per month.

Today we are going to tell you guys about the countries who receives the lowest tourists per year. The list goes like following.....  

7 Of The Least Visited Countries In The World:

7.Sao Tome and Principe


Sao Tome and Principe, officialy the Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe is a Portuguese speaking island nation in the Gulf of Guinea. The island is located 140 to 150 miles apart from north-west coast of Gabon. Sao Tome and Principe is the second smallest African country with a population of 192,993(2013 census). The island nation is one of the countries who receives the fewest visitors in the world with a yearly tourist count of around 12000 per year, might be largely because of only a few have heard about existence of the country.      



Turkmenistan formally known as Turkmenia is a country in central Asia, bordered by Kazakhstan to north-west, Uzbekistan to north-east, Afghanistan to south-east and Caspian sea to west. The population of this county is around 5,171,943 (2014 estimate).Turkmenistan is the Fourth largest reserve for natural gas resources in the world. The country is known for having colorful canyons and beautiful black send deserts. Still the country receives one of the fewest visitors per year with the count being 8000 tourists, reason being the tough Visa approval system of the country as well as unsafe destination for foreign travelers.      



Moldova or officially The Republic of Moldova is a land-lock country in Eastern Europe, bordered by Romania to the west and Ukraine to the north,east and south. The population of the country is 2,998,235 (2014 estimate). The country is the poorest in entire Europe with Chisinau being capital which is covered by grim concrete jungle. Known for is extremely good wine and the extraordinary Cricova complex is the largest wine cellar in the world. The country receives around 7000 tourists per year which is lowest for a European nation as well as 5th lowest in the world. Even after having much of easier Visa process and decent air connectivity the country doesn't have that appeal to attract tourism at all.    

7 Of The Least Visited Countries In The World:

4.Marshall Islands


Marshall island, officially known as Republic of Marshall Islands is a island country located in the equator in the Pacific ocean, slightly west of the International Date Line. The Island is geographically part of a larger island group of Micronesia. The population of this country is 53,154 (2011 census) which is spread across 1156 individual islands and islets. The Marshall islands are best known for unfortunate atolls that become atomic testing sites but isolation and lack of connections to the rest of the world is the main reason for very less number of tourists that the islands receiving. The country hardly gets around 6000 tourists per year from around the world. The islands boosts exotic views of a pacific island- Lagoons,simple locals,plenty of corals and some really exiting diving spots.



Tajikistan or Republic of Tajikistan is a central Asian mountainous and land-lock country bordered by Afghanistan to its south, Uzbekistan to its west, Kyrgyzstan to the north and China in the east. The population of this country is around 8,610,000 (2015 estimate). Tajikistan is one of the best walking places in the world with spectacular mountains. The country is boosted with a silk road history and cultural influences from Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity. But the country has one of the most difficult bureaucratic Visa application processes in the world to make it very difficult for other nationalities to get in to this country because of which the tourism sector of this country as suffered a lot and only about 4000 tourists it receives in a year.  



Kiribati or officially the Republic of Kiribati is an island nation in the central Pacific ocean. The nation comprises 33 atolls and reef islands and one raised coral island, Banaba. The permanent population of this country is just about 1,00,000 (2011 census) out of which most are living in Tarawa atoll. The island is also known as Christmas island as it was the first place in the world to welcome new millennium. It is also renown as one of the best destination for fishing and scuba diving. The island country receives about 3900 people a year as tourists. The country is a very hard work just to travel because of the connectivity between islands are very limited. The map of Kiribati islands looks like someone has sprinkled confetti across a vast swathe of pacific ocean.



Tuvalu, a tiny island in the South Pacific Ocean is the least visited country in the world with a yearly tourists visit of only 1100 . The island is famously known for that it would soon be vanishing under water as a result of global warming. Tuvalu is a eye-candy ,in the form of prettiest lagoons. The island is a famous snorkeling destination if nothing else. The tourism of the island is not devolved properly mainly because of  difficulties in reaching , there are only a few irregular and expensive flights from Fiji. The population of the island country is about 110,136 from 2010 census.


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