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10 Of The Hottest Female Celebrities Who Smoke Weed

10 Of The Hottest Female Celebrities Who Smoke Weed:

There are many popular celebrities  who smoke weed. Many of them don't mind showing it. From wearing pot leaf clothes to lighting up joints in public, some celebrities don't care who knows their love for Mary Jane. You probably know that Snoop Dogg and Justin Timberlake loves the herb. Although you are also familiar with marijuana enthusiasts like Wiz Khalifa and Willie Nelson. But you might not be aware of these hottest female celebrities who love weed and don't care who knows it.

From Megan Fox to Lady Gaga, here's the list of ten hottest celebrities who smoke weed and what they think about the herb might surprise you

1.Megan Fox

The sexy Transformers actress, Megan Fox has made no excuse that she smoke weed. According to her, America's war on drugs is all propaganda. In 2009, in an interview with GQ she told "I hope they legalize (marijuana) and when they do, I’ll be the first f**king person in line to buy my pack of joints." She has also quoted on marijuana such as “I wanted to try several drugs and make an informed decision, but I didn’t enjoy anything other than Marijuana,” and “If the whole world smokes a joint at the same time, there would be world peace for at least two hours.” The 31 years old actress has admitted that she smokes amazing joints.

2.Kristen Stewart


27 years old, Twilight series actress Kristen Stewart loves to smoke weed. In an interview with Vanity Fair in 2012, she quoted on marijuana. She said "You can Google my name, and one of the first things that comes up is images of me sitting on my front porch smoking a pipe with my ex-boyfriend and my dog," she added "It was taken the day the movie came out. I was no one. I was a kid. I had just turned 18." She continued, "The next day, it was like I was a delinquent slimy idiot, whereas I'm kind of a weirdo, creative Valley girl who smokes pot . . . big deal." According to her she doesn't care who judges her for smoking marijuana.

3.Miley Cyrus


24 years old, American singer Miley Cyrus smokes weed and she is proud it. She called weed "the best drug on Earth". During the MTV European Music Awards in 2013, she even lit up a joint on stage while accepting the best music video award for "Wrecking Ball". To her teen audience she quoted, “Quit smoking cigarettes and start smoking weed instead because weed will keep you young and get you laid.” Well on her Bangerz tour in 2015, she even sold $65 worth of edible gold rolling papers. However, recently in an interview with Jimmy Fallon she revealed her decision to quit smoking because she feared it might kill her. She told Fallon "no one's ever died from weed" because "no one has ever smoked as much as I did, so they don't really know [if it's possible.]"

4.Lady Gaga


31 years old, American singer Lady Gaga enjoys getting high while writing music. She told "60 minutes" about her weed addiction such as "I drink a lot of whiskey and I smoke weed when I write. I don't do it a lot, because it's not good for my voice. I don't want to encourage kids to do drugs, but when you ask me about the sociology of fame and what artists do wrong; what artists do wrong is they lie... and I don't lie. I'm not a liar." Once in an interview with UK's Attitude Magazine she revealed that she is a fan of weed. She also admitted there was a point when she smoking as many as 15 joints (without tabbaco) a day when healing from a hip surgery.


There's one thing Rihanna doesn't care about, its what people say about her. Her love for marijuana is infinite. Her relationship with weed sparked rumors in 2010 when a Barbados hotel banned her for heavily smoking. Well, probably she has more pictures of her and the herb than she has without it. Once she was criticized for posting pictures of her smoking weed. She tweeted of criticism "I'm crazy, and I don't pretend to be anything else," While on a vacation in Hawaii, quoting Drake's song "Up All Night", Rihanna tweeted  "Kush rolled, glass full… I prefer the better things". Moreover, Ten of Rihanna's tour buses were stopped at the Ambassador Bridge and searched for marijuana. Well for Halloween, she took her love for Mary  Jane to next level when she dressed up as its bride.



American singer, Madonna ranked 42nd on the marijuana policy project’s most influential users. In 1994, during the Late Show With David Letterman, she dropped the f-bomb 13 times. Later in 2009, she blamed it on the joint she smoked before the show. She told Letterman "It wasn't because I was excited about you. I think it may have had something to do with the joint I smoked before I came on," During a concert she has spoken to the crowd about their smoking habits. Moreover, she told Reddit AMA that her favorite birthday gift ever received is her penis bong.

7.Cameron Diaz

The "Gangs Of New York" actress Cameron Diaz went to high school with Snoop Dogg and he was her weed dealer. During the show Lopez Tonight, she revealed "He was very tall and skinny, wore lots of ponytails in his hair,"  she added  "and I'm pretty sure I bought weed from him. I had to have." Also she has been snapped smoking weed with Drew Barrymore on a beach. Well, she still continues her relationship with the herb.

8.Paris Hilton


American actress, singer and model; Paris Hilton has been snapped smoking weed on several occasions. The ex-girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo also got arrested for smoking during a FIFA world cup match in South Africa. Theres also a scene from her infamous sex tape "1 Night in Paris" where she was smoking weed.

9.Kirsten Durst


Kirsten Durst, the Spider man actress admitted that she likes smoking weed. According to her the world would be a better place if everyone smoked weed. She also thinks America's view on weed is ridiculous. During an interview she said, "I’ve tried drugs. I do like weed. I have a different outlook on Marijuana than American does. My best friend Sasha’s dad was Carl Sagan, The Astronomer. He was the biggest pot smoker in the world and he was a genius…” Well it looks like she really loves marijuana and I have no wonder that she liked playing the role Mary Jane in Spider man.

10.Jennifer Aniston


American actress, Jennifer Aniston has admitted her love for marijuana on several occasions. In an interview with Rolling Stone, she told that she enjoys cannabis and doesn't see any harm in it. Back when she was married to Brad Pitt, once she confessed that she and Pitt used to smoke together on a regular basis. She also added "Everything in moderation. I wouldn't call myself a pothead."


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