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Pakistani Media Claimed 158 Indian Soldiers Were Killed By China

Pakistani Media Claimed 158 Indian Soldiers Were Killed By China:

Nowadays social media becomes a popular platform for news sharing. News sites and social media feeds are updated every minutes with new data taken from regular users who share news, photos, videos and viral topics on their social feeds. Followers of those social sites are passionate about social media and they want to keep up to date with every little detail that happens on there news feed. Many of them used to share those news to inform their friends or followers on their circle. However, everything you see on social media is not true. Sometimes the social media is full of fake news and hoaxes. Because there is no proofreading or fact checking for most of the contents that went viral on social media. Well sometimes fake news are easy to catch, other times it seem real, which lead it to spread like wildfire.

Recently your news feed may have dotted with a news that claimed over 150 Indian Army soldiers were killed in Sikkim in a Chinese rocket attack. Well that is a complete fake news which was spread by Pakistani media. They were just trying to escalate tensions between India and China using the fake news.


Two Pakistani news channel, Dunya News and Dawn TV falseley claimed that at least 158 Indian soldiers have been killed after China fired a rocket across the border. They also published some fake photos and a video clip.

Well India dismissed the the fake Pakistani news report as "utterly baseless, malicious and mischievous". The Chinese Embassy in India also dismissed the fake report. Actually the photos posted by Pakistani fake report is of an accident which happened in May this year when Indian army suffered when a mortar fired during a field firing exercise in Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh. During the exercise a mortar was misfired and dropped on a convoy of army vehicles. According to Indian media reports, four army trucks were burned and signals equipment was completely destroyed in that accident. It seems Pakistani media became victim to a fake war propaganda conceptualized by the Pakistani army or might be they are just trying to add fuel to fire with such fake news.

Social media, if used the right way, it can be great for good force and used the wrong way, well, it is a propagandist dream.

So don't believe everything you see on the social media. Just do believe our soldiers and keep supporting them.Beware of fake news and internet hoax's. Kindly share this to inform your friends and other peoples about that fake news.


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