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These Sites Claimed To Reveal Sarahah Users Identity : True or Fake ?


Recently Sarahah becomes the new web sansation in the world of technology. The Saudi Arabia based app allows users to send messages to other profiles without exposing their username. The meaning of the Arabic word Sarahah is 'honesty'. According to the app developers Sarahah is meant to help their users “self-develop by receiving constructive anonymous feedback.” Sarahah app's craze is continuing. From teens to youngsters everyone seems to having fun with it.

But the app is now facing further problems because of some fake third party sites popped up online that claim to expose the identities of anonymous senders. So, you better be warned because signing up on such fake websites could be very risky. According to Gadgets Now reports some users have received messages that read "Announcement: A lot of people have been asking for a site to reveal anonymous senders. Now here you have it at". :

The site has been also reffered a user to a site named Sarahah Spyer, a different title site with the same link. These sites asks Sarahah users to enter their username and click on a ‘click now’ button to decrypt the messages. It also allows users to send Sarahah users anonymous messages. After entered the username and clicked the ‘click now’ button, the service asks the user to “download two free mobile apps or complete one short survey” in order to “pay for the server costs or prove human or not." While the user proceeded anyway, the next page gives the option to share the link to the user's facebook timeline. By doing this, the fake sites are just making money and they could even get a hold of your personal information through phishing.


Sarahah encrypts all personal information of users meaning that any site claiming to reveal users information is definitely a hoax or scam. The company had a similar hoax take place earlier this year when a rumour spread online that the app was set to expose all users on August 1st, but later it was officially denied by the Sarahah. Also this time Sarahah have sent out a tweet from their official account denouncing the sites that claimed to reveal users identities :

So guys beware of such third-party apps or services that claim to reveal usernames of anonymous Sarahah senders. You can share this article to inform your loved ones about this big scam.


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